Blaine County and the cities of Ketchum and Hailey are collaborating on a new initiative, a regional Sustainability Program. Together, we are committed to reducing climate pollution, strengthening resilience against climate change impacts, transitioning to clean energy, and enhancing livability and quality of life for all residents.

Blaine County oversees the program and facilitates a collaborative approach. We have invited the five incorporated cities of Bellevue, Carey, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley, and a broad and diverse leadership group from the community to help create a regional sustainability and climate action plan.

Our first challenge is to establish a clean energy roadmap for achieving our renewable energy goals. 

Clean Energy

Government LeadershipImage: Ore Wagon Museum & Bonning Cabin, City of Ketchum

We have ambitious clean energy goals and recognize the government’s role in promoting clean, renewable energy sources to benefit our community and the environment. 

Blaine County and the cities of Bellevue, Hailey, and Ketchum have committed to attaining 100% clean energy for municipal electricity use by 2030 and 100% clean energy for community-wide electricity use by 2035. Read more about our clean energy resolution here

Our Clean Energy Goals

75% By 2025

Municipal Electricity Use

100% By 2030

Municipal Electricity Use

100% By 2035

Community-Wide Electricity Supply

100% By 2030-35

Municipal Fleets and Equipment as Feasible

100% By 2045

All Energy Uses