Big Wood River Atlas (2020)

BWR Master Pic2

In the wake of significant and prolonged flooding in the Big Wood River valley in 2017, the community recognized the
need to better understand river behavior and to develop river management policies and priorities shaped by a shared Vision for the river. It is understood that floodplain development has altered historic channel behavior and led to unintended consequences, affecting both human and wildlife communities.

We hope through proper understanding of river behavior we can manage river resources in a sustainable manner and provide continued opportunities for recreation, education, commerce, and irrigated agriculture while maintaining functional ecosystems and a healthy fishery. 

The Big Wood River Atlas was developed using a stakeholder-led, collaborative process to develop information and recommendations that will best serve the community to manage river resources in the near and long-term.

Please click HERE for the final Atlas. 

Big Wood River Story Map (includes digital reach data from the Atlas) please click HERE