Civil Process Fees

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office requires advance fees for the service of most civil processes. Payment may be made in cash or by check (made out to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office). Credit card payment is not accepted. The fee for general service of documents is $60 per service and return. Other costs may include charges for moving and storage, bank search fees, towing, recording, publishing and postage. If we are unable to locate the person to be served, $15 of the general service fee will be returned with “Not-Found” documentation. 

Bank levies require an additional check made out to each back involved in the amount of $5. Towing, storage, and Sheriff‘s fees are added to the writ amount and increase the amount the debtor must pay to fully satisfy the case. If you need assistance in determining the exact amount of fees in your case, please contact Ginger M. Clement, our Civil Administrator at 208-788-5563.

Current Rates