Road & Bridge

Operational Description

The Road and Bridge Department maintains Blaine County roads, bridges, and rights-of-way to provide a safe and cost efficient road system. The county inventory includes 54 bridges, over 400 culverts, 124 miles of paved roads, and 326 miles of gravel roads.

Department tasks include snowplowing 293 miles of roadway, seasonal avalanche and mudslide removal, grading, road repair, dust guarding, crack sealing, pothole repair, chip sealing, installing culverts and drainage systems, sign posting, tree cutting, and conducting road assessments. This is in addition to maintaining Road and Bridge trucks and heavy equipment.

Reporting Roadkill

You may call Blaine County non-emergency dispatch at 208-578-3831 or you may contact Idaho Fish and Game at 208-324-4359.

Blaine County Transportation Plan

Check out a copy of our transportation plan (PDF).

Blaine County Transportation Plan Document (PDF)

Mission Statement

Maintain a safe road system today for a better tomorrow


  • Safety  
  • Fun
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty