Indigent Services

Office Overview

This department assists Blaine County residents with the payment of medical and some non medical expenses. Assistance from Blaine County is required to be “a last resort." All counties in Idaho, including Blaine County, require repayment of any taxpayer funds used to assist a county resident under Idaho law.


Before assistance can be provided, however, certain requirements will have to be met and the applicant must appear for an interview. Applicants must be prepared to provide personal information regarding living situation, income, assets of all types, insurance, resources, and much more. 

Once this information has been gathered, a thorough investigation will be conducted to substantiate the data and then make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners for approval or denial. Any approvals will also include an Order to reimburse the county and the applicant will be required to sign a reimbursement agreement.

What to Know

You should also know that Idaho law provides that an automatic lien is created on all real and personal property of those who file an application for county medical assistance under these laws.

If federal, state or other programs of assistance are available to meet the needs of a household, an eligible applicant must apply for those programs before the county may provide medical or non-medical assistance. If denied such other assistance, the applicant must pursue available administrative appeals for those programs to the final administrative level.


If an applicant files an application for assistance and withholds or gives false or incomplete information in order to get assistance from the County that he/she is not entitled to, that person could be found guilty of a Misdemeanor.

Energy Assistance

Blaine County works with Project Share to provide energy assistance to Blaine and Camas County residents. To qualify for energy assistance, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a shut off notice for the utility you are seeking assistance for
  • The utility you are seeking assistance for must be in your name
  • The utility you are seeking assistance for must be your primary heating source
  • You meet the income guidelines set by the Salvation Army
  • You must be able to provide proof of household income
  • You must be able to provide your identification
  • You must be able to provide your most recent utility bill

Project Share funds are available on a first come first served basis; please call our office to verify that funds are available.

Project Share Summer Months Requirements

In addition to the required information listed above, you must also present a letter from a physician stating that someone in the household has medical necessity for life sustaining equipment.

Other Energy Assistance Resources

  • South Central Community Action Partnership
    Phone: 208-733-9351
  • St. Luke's Center for Community Health
    Phone: 208-727-8737