County Services

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Office Overview

The County Services department assists Blaine County residents with the payment of some necessary living expenses. Assistance from Blaine County must be “a last resort".


Depending on the type of assistance requested, you may have to present for an interview as well as submit required documentation. 

Important Information

If federal, state or other programs of assistance are available to meet the needs of a household, an eligible applicant must apply for those programs before the county may provide assistance. If denied such other assistance, the applicant must pursue available administrative appeals for those programs to the final administrative level.

If an applicant files an application for assistance and withholds or gives false or incomplete information in order to get assistance from the County that he/she is not entitled to, that person could be found guilty of a Misdemeanor.

Medical Indigent Program

As of April 1st, 2022, the State has repealed the Medical Indigent Statute.  Blaine County no longer has a program to offer assistance with medical bills.  Please contact your provider or the hospital where you received services to apply for their financial care plan.


  • Assistance Application - To apply for assistance with rent, utilities, or cremation.
  • Please Note: An application for cremation must be filed prior to the cremation being performed.
  • Please Note: If you are in eviction proceedings Blaine County will not be able to provide rental assistance.
  • Before using this form to apply for utilities assistance please find more information here.
  • US Residency Status
    • For a non-medical application we do not ask about your U.S. residency status.  

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