Comprehensive Plan Update

Planning Survey Information

If you live or own property in unincorporated Blaine County in the following “Subareas,” please take our online survey. (The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.) 

If you’re unsure of which survey to take – and for additional information about the Comprehensive Planning process – click here to check out this Story Map. It includes an interactive map in which you can zoom in to find your property.

  • If you live in East Fork, Greenhorn Gulch, or Deer Creek canyon areas, or in the areas along Highway 75 from Gimlet to Valley Club and Riverview Ranches, click here to go to the Mid-Valley survey. 
  • If you live in Indian Creek, Quigley and Croy Canyons outside Hailey, along Muldoon Canyon Road, Lower Broadford, Lees Gulch or Townsend Gulch outside Bellevue, or along Highway 75 including Peregrine Ranch in the north to roughly 1 mile south of Bellevue, click here to go to the Hailey & Bellevue Canyons survey. 
  • If you live in the rest of the south Wood River Valley, to the western and southern boundaries of the County and east to Queens Crown, click here to go to the Bellevue Triangle and Foothills survey.

(Of course, you can also call us at 788-5570 to find out which survey you should take!)

Thanks for your participation!

Thursday November 21, 2019 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agenda 

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