Planning & Zoning Application Materials

To contact any of the P & Z  Commissioners, or to comment on a pending application, please send an email to or by mail to 219 1st Ave S Ste 208, Hailey, ID. 83333

Additional information is available by contacting the Land Use Office. 

We are located in the County Annex Building on the 2nd floor across the street from the Old County Courthouse.

The phone number is 788-5570. Any public comment is welcome at

If the links in the materials lists are not working, please call 788-5570 to let us know and we will make sure they are working as soon as possible.

The current Commissioners are:

Rachel Martin - Chair                    Ned Hamlin

Mark Pynn  - Vice Chair                Susan Giannettino

Mike O'Farrell                                Pat Murphy           

William Ranill               

Thursday March 14, 2019 

Thursday March 14, 2019

Previous documents from Dual Density Text Amendments

  1. B-1 Ketchum Rural Fire District - received January 23, 2018.pdf
  2. B-2 Blaine County Recreation District - received March 7, 2018.pdf
  3. B-3 Blaine County School District, GwenCarol Holmes - received March 8, 2018.pdf
  4. B-4 Department of Environmental Quality - received March 8, 2018.pdf
  5. C-2 Housing Data - American Community Survey.pdf
  6. C-3 Idaho Department of Labor Blaine County Statistics.pdf
  7. C-4 Bureau of Economic Census wage data for Blaine County -1st Qtr 2017.pdf
  8. C-5 Bureau of Economic Census wage data for Blaine County -2nd Qtr 2017.pdf
  9. C-6 Bureau of Economic Census wage data for Blaine County 2013-2017.pdf
  10. C-7 Cost burdened households data.pdf
  11. D-1 Sarah Michael - received January 31, 2018.pdf
  12. D-2 Robert Crosby, Sun Valley Board of Realtors - received March 20, 2018.pdf
  13. D-3 Jan and Michael Hayes, received Apr 9.2018.pdf
  14. D-4 Jeffrey Huber, received Apr 9. 2018.pdf
  15. D-5 Carol Rank, received Apr 11, 2018.pdf
  16. D-6 Tim Wolff, received Apr 11, 2018.pdf
  17. D-7 Tobey Crane, received Apr 12, 2018.pdf
  18. D-8 Wallace Huffman, received Apr 12, 2018.pdf
  19. D-9 Greg and Kathy Boylston, received Apr 12, 2018.pdf
  20. D-10 Joe Scott, received Apr 12, 2018.pdf
  21. D-11 Joe Scott received Apr 19, 2018.pdf
  22. D-12 Criss Fallowfield, received Apr. 23, 2018.pdf
  23. D-13 Kent Bell and Julie Quayle, received May 7, 2018.pdf
  24. D-14 Charles Stevenson, received May 9, 2018.pdf
  25. D-15 Gail Severn, received May 9, 2018.pdf
  26. D-16 John and Ellen Wallace, received May 10, 2018.pdf
  27. D-17 Susan Faye Alban, received May 10, 2018.pdf
  28. D-18 Sean O Connell, received May 10, 2018.pdf
  29. D-19 James Tautkus, received May 10, 2018.pdf
  30. D-20 Kandis Pedersen, received May 10, 2018.pdf
  31. D-21 Wallace Huffman, received May 14, 2018.pdf
  32. D-22 Walker Cross, received May 15, 2018.pdf
  33. D-23 Jennifer Johnson, received May 15, 2018.pdf
  34. D-24 Joe Scott, received May 10, 2018 at mtg.pdf

March 21, 2019

Thursday March 21, 2019