Apply for the Homeowner’s Exemption today.

Homeowner’s Exemption Application

Deadline for the Property Tax Reduction Program nearing! 

May 17th is the last day to apply.

We will be appraising in your area!

Each year the Blaine County Assessor’s Office physically reinspects 20% of the parcels in the county. The appraisal team will be reappraising the areas listed below between July 2020 and May 2021 for the 2021 tax year. They will be verifying interior information and tracking any changes to the outside of the property. The appraisers will have limited interaction with property owners and will not be entering any homes, but some communication will be unavoidable. Our team will be wearing masks and social distancing when face to face contact is necessary.

Who Are Appraisers & Why Is My Property Tax So High?

The Blaine County Assessor’s Office wants to inform county residents that there are people out there pretending to be appraisers from our office. Our appraisers will always be driving a marked county vehicle and will show identification when asked.

Please call our office with questions or concerns you may have at 208-788-5535, or contact the police if you spot the impostors.

  1. Bellevue Area
  2. Carey Area
  3. Hailey Area
  4. Ketchum Area
  5. Mid Valley Area
  6. Sun Valley Area
  • Animal Center
  • Balis
  • Bellevue Business Park
  • Bellevue Commercial
  • Bellevue Square #1 & #2
  • Bellevue Tax Lots
  • Buffalo-Stasz
  • Chantrelle
  • Fields
  • JET Business Park
  • Parker
  • Reese & Buzzuto
  • Safe Haven Bellevue
  • South Bellevue Addition
  • Southern Belle Business Park
  • Various Tax Lots & Sections

Mission Statement

The mission of the Blaine County Assessor’s Office is to change the perception of local government one person at a time by providing professional and courteous service through fair assessment, equitable valuation, accurate information, and consistent motor vehicle transactions to each person and agency.


  • Assessment and valuation of all taxable property in the county
  • Collection, documentation, and maintenance of the characteristics and descriptions of every parcel and building in the county
  • Tracking of property ownership changes
  • Mapping of property boundaries for each parcel in the county and the platting of newly created lots and subdivisions
  • Management and application of various exemptions and tax relief programs, including the Homeowner’s Exemption and the Circuit Breaker Program
  • Providing the services of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Address Change

If your address has changed, please email the Assessor’s Office with your new address.